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Conditions of Use


The following specifications refer only to purely scientific utilization of the components of the Virtual Laboratory (VL). Their use in the context of third party projects or commercial activities is only allowed after conclusion of additional contracts between authors, operators and users.

Conditions of use:

  1. There is no charge for purely scientific utilization of the components contained in the component database. The same is true for the resources of the VL infrastructure standardly made available (computer and storage capacity).
  2. Each registered user is provided with a protected area in the VL for his program components and experiments. This area is archived during the entire period of utilization.
  3. If a user exceeds the resources standardly made available, he will be informed of the fact by the operator and must then decide whether he wishes to continue free of charge utilization on a limited basis, or whether he wishes to avail himself of additional resources, which in this case can be made available by the operator for a charge.
  4. When presenting scientific results obtained with components of the VL at conferences, in journals, etc, the user is obligated to mention utilization of the VL and its particular components and their authors.
  5. The operator reserves the right to make changes to the VL infrastructure. All registered users will be informed by email of changes one week in advance, so that they can locally safeguard their results if desired.
  6. The authors of the scientific components and the operator are not liable for damages which arise from defective components or their inappropriate use.
  7. The operator is not liable for damages which arise through defects or malfunctions of the VL infrastructure.
  8. These conditions of use are to be considered preliminary and at present valid only until the end of the test phase.